Business Emergency Plan by Theresa Baretta

Business Emergency Plan

Plan, Prepare and Protect your Business for the Unexpected!

Welcome to Business Emergency Plan

I am so excited to have you here and guide you through the process to plan and prepare to protect your business in the event you are unable to be present to run your business. 

This workbook planner is designed to take you step-by-step through not just centralizing the important pieces of your business, but will assist your designee, whether it's a loved one or team member on how to manage your business in your absence. 

This will give you peace of mind, relax a bit and know that in the events of emergencies, your intentions of response will be performed.

To get started, click on How to Use This Planner. Let's get to it! 

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos Text Icon 6 text files


How to Use Your Planner
Getting Started
3 mins
Emergency Protocols
4 mins
Communication is Key
4 mins
Inventory and Accounts
4 mins
Pulling It Together
4 mins
Resources: Emergency Communication Swipe Templates
Subject: [Out of Office] Emergency
General Email Responses
Maternity Notice Notification
Maternity Notice: Baby is here!
Resource: Swipe Files
Swipe Files
Book Strategic Planning Session
Strategic Session


Why should this be a huge priority to me?

Life happens. You surely have a will in place in case something happens to you, your loved ones will know how to take action in accordance to your intentions and desires. Why wouldn't you do the same for your business? This will help you plan for areas that you may not be thinking of while things are going great and you're at the top of your game. 

Is the workbook document editable?

You'll get the workbook in an .XLS format to be used in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel (this document does not work with Numbers). 

Do you offer a refund policy?

Due to the nature of this purchase, it is non-refundable. You receive immediate access to the templates. By choosing to purchase this template, you understand and agree that your purchase is non-refundable.

What are the “Terms of Use” for The Templates?

These templates (workbooks, kits, boards, planners, etc.) are intended for personal business use only
  • Use the templates in your own business
  • Assign them to your virtual assistant or team members to complete on your business projects
  • Resell these templates in any format to your customers, clients, vendors or members as these are not PLRs. 
  • Give these templates away for free. 
If you have questions about these terms of use, please contact our team and ask.

Can I hand this off to my assistant?

Yes you can have your assistant or team members work on the strategies, execution, and implementation of the templates.

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